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Are Washroom Odours Damaging Your Business?

Nobody enjoys the experience of using a public washroom that has an unpleasant smell, but how much thought have you put into the impact this could be having on your business?

Fresh Expectations

Washroom Hygiene

It comes as no surprise that 92% of people surveyed as part of a research project into washroom odours said they have at some time experienced a poor smelling public washroom.

You can probably recall a time yourself in fact! In recent years the standards of public washroom hygiene have risen considerably, with more and more people coming to expect a high level of hygiene when using a washroom away from their home, such as at their place of work.

This has become the norm to such an extent that three quarters of those surveyed said they actually expected a public washroom to smell better than their own bathroom!

With this in mind, it makes sense that 88% of people also admitted to having exited a washroom as quickly as possible in the instances where they were greeted with a bad odour.

It’s certainly not a pleasant experience as well all know. But does the impact of the foul smell go further… and is it damaging the businesses whose washrooms fall into this category?

Bad for Business

The new findings suggest it does. For a start, there is a direct connection between the scent of a washroom and an individuals perception of the cleanliness and hygiene therein.

28% of people admitted to skipping steps in their typical trip to a washroom to speed up the process and get out faster; steps such as washing and drying their hands!

So not only are they left with a bad perception, they are also more likely to cause the spread of harmful germs and bacteria around the building.

People are also more likely to share negative opinions of a bad smelling washroom than they are to share positive opinions of a clean washroom.

In a business environment this translates to current and potential employees, existing and future customers, and a host of other stakeholders who could all be sharing or hearing of a bad experience that has left them feeling uncomfortable and anxious, to such an extent that, on average, 46% of those individuals would not return to that washroom again!

A Simple Solution

Ensuring your washrooms are maintained to a high standard negates all these issues and has a positive impact on how people perceive your business.

Caring for the air quality in your washrooms with the appropriate solutions will remove bad odours, neutralise bacteria and leave a pleasant fragrance.

Speak to the team at TWC Group today to find out more about our range of cutting edge washrooms products and services designed to meet the needs of businesses large and small, such as our brand new bowl clips.

Our bowl clips are 30-day fragranced toilet bowl air fresheners, perfect for workplace washrooms. They last around a month and give out 40 times the fragrance of a standard rim stick and provide:

  • High level of fragrance
  • Gradual fragrance release
  • Low VOC (compliant in Europe)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy installation
  • No water pollution