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Beat the Warm Weather and get a Water Cooler Installed at your Business!

The British summer is a cruel mistress. It’s either dank, grey, and raining, or so hot you practically melt on the way to work.

Business Water Coolers
Business Water Coolers

An umbrella might take care of the summer rain, but it’s difficult to stay cool and hydrated in the heat.

TWC can provide you with a range of water coolers to keep staff and visitors hydrated.

We offer both bottled or mains fed water coolers for your office or workplace providing cold, room temperature or hot water at the press of a button.

Bottled Water Coolers

  • Cold, room temperature and hot water dispensers
  • Anti-bacterial, hygienic, ultraviolet technology
  • Integral cup dispenser
  • Full drip tray indicator
  • Bottles delivered directly to your office or workplace FREE
  • Two taps at a convenient height from the floor
  • Hygienic push button taps remove the risk of touching water outlets

Why not get in touch with the TWC team on 0333 058 2636 and you can be drinking fresh, chilled, great tasting water within days.