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Case Study: Improving Employee Health at Populus Select

Find out how TWC Group had a big impact on employee health, wellbeing and productivity at Populus Select, a leading Darlington recruitment consultancy.

Impact of Sick Days

Populus Select is a leading boutique executive search and selection consultancy supporting clients across the United Kingdom and Globally based in Darlington. They are passionate about their employee’s wellbeing and strive to inform them of healthy living and encourage them to take part in enjoyable exercise. They regularly run together, enjoy walks across the Yorkshire Moors, and take part in challenges including rafting and bungee jumping.

Even with all that support and adaptability, they’re no different to any other employer and frustrated with that call in the morning with someone calling in sick. There were 131 million sick days across the UK in 2017 and at Populus Select 46 days were lost to sickness, costing the business thousands of pounds.

An Effective Solution

This year however, they have seen a stark improvement. They engaged TWC Group to install an AirSteril product and within hours of the installation, employees noticed the air quality improving. Since May 2018 they have lost no sick days. The product is designed to control bacteria, viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces.

Employees with Asthma and Hay Fever have reported seeing improvements to their symptoms 20 minutes after arriving at the office. With winter arriving they understand they can’t stop people being infected with seasonal illnesses, but they know they are minimising the risks at work whilst improving their employee’s wellbeing.

You can find out more about Populus Select on their website www.populusselect.com or for more information about how TWC can assist your organisation in a similar way, call us today and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help you.