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Celebrating Global Handwashing Day and National Bug Busting Day

To ensure that your staff and visitors have everything they need to stay clean, your premises should be fitted with hand sanitisers in all bathrooms and kitchens.

Global Handwashing Day 2019

October is probably best known for the true arrival of Autumn and the celebration of Halloween, yet there are two other occasions this month that we’re also looking forward to. First up is Global Handwashing Day on Tuesday 15th October, followed by National Bug Busting Day on Thursday 31st. Together they remind us of the importance of sanitation and the upkeep of hygiene in the workplace, which can have a hugely positive impact on employee wellbeing and morale.

Hand hygiene

To ensure that your staff and visitors have everything they need to stay clean, your premises should be fitted with hand sanitisers in all bathrooms and kitchens. It may seem like a very simple and everyday act, yet the thorough washing of your hands is a highly effective means of preventing the spreading of germs. During an average day’s work, each member of staff will touch countless shared surfaces, such as door handles, light switches and office equipment, as well as their own workstations, which are breeding grounds for bacteria. Add to that toilet breaks, lunchtime and handshakes, and it’s clear to see why workplaces can become unhealthy environments when they lack superior sanitation measures.

With research indicating that proper washing can reduce bacteria carried on the hands by as much as 80%, investing in hand sanitisers over traditional soap bars will play a key role in protecting staff from viruses that are circulated through cross-contamination, including colds, flu, stomach bugs and diarrhoea. We have a range of hand sanitisers and automatic soap dispensers that are easy to use and which maximise hygiene levels, simultaneously ensuring that your business is in line with the latest legislation.

As well as a variety of hand sanitiser models, we also supply multiple types of soap, including liquid soaps, foam soaps and advanced anti-bacterial solutions, all of which leave your hands feeling soft and fresh. And if you have showering facilities within your premises, we can also provide soap dispensers for when people need to wash their hair and body. On top of this, soap dispensers are more accessible than sinks, more effective at reducing the bacterial count on hands, cause less mess than soap bars, result in less wastage, and are often kinder on the skin due to the soap being of a very high quality.  

Bug busting with AirSteril

Meanwhile, auto sanitising units are an essential addition to any bathroom that contains a urinal. Providing an all-round cleaning and sanitising solution, these devices prevent the build-up of limescale and uric scale by sanitising the entire surface of the urinal and eliminating unwanted odours. In the process, this automatic upkeep helps to reduce the need for maintenance and its related costs, all while presenting a professional image to your visitors and staff.

We understand that urinals come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our auto sanitisers are available in different designs so that you can choose a style that will suit its surroundings. Whichever model you choose, they’re all built for top performance and deliver a pre-programmed dose of chemicals throughout the urinal, fighting everything that’s thrown at it.

As with our hand sanitisers, our auto sanitisers for urinals require minimal maintenance from your staff. Our team will visit your site to install the devices, followed by monthly visits to check that they’re still functioning properly and to change the refill if required. This means that your janitorial team has one less thing to worry about and everyone who uses the urinals will enjoy a clean, fresh and hygienic experience every time.

As for the rest of the workplace, if you’re really serious about bug busting, you need AIRsteril units installing throughout the building. This innovative device eliminates offensive odours and helps to control illnesses and infections by greatly improving the room’s air quality. Simply leave AIRsteril to do its job and it will immediately begin to create mountain fresh air without the need for masking agents and perfumes. In the process, it significantly cleans the air by removing any bacteria, fungi, mould, viruses and volatile organic compounds that have made your business their home.

AIRsteril is an excellent addition to your workplace, especially when combined with automatic sanitisers and soap dispensers. Together they will eradicate the vast majority of germs that are circulating around the building and minimise cross-contamination, as well as ensure that each environment within the premises smells clean and fresh throughout the day.  

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