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Clean Washrooms Mean a Happy Workforce

The average office worker in the UK spends as much as 40 hours each week on work premises, so it’s not surprising that the quality of the office environment effects the mood of the people working within it.

Office hygiene and cleanliness is becoming an increasingly important consideration for today’s office managers and rightly so. A clean and healthy physical environment is the perfect catalyst for a positive working atmosphere which can increase staff productivity, reduce absenteeism, save a company money and make the right impression with all stakeholders. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of keeping your office washrooms squeaky clean all year round.

Clean Washrooms

Employees Feel Valued

The way a company maintains its washrooms speaks volumes to its employees. Hiring a washroom company to keep office toilets clean, hygienic and well stocked sends a clear message to employees that their wellbeing is being fully considered by the company.

Maintaining high washroom standards can also encourage employees to raise their own standards and play their part in maintaining the cleanliness of the office washrooms. This positive impact and change of attitude can often then spread beyond the washroom and across the rest of the office space.

Fewer Distractions

Keeping washrooms clean and tidy means they can serve their purpose as effectively as possible with minimal disruption to the important work employees are at work to carry out. Keeping washrooms clean and fully stocked means staff don’t have to waste time walking further to use other washrooms or raising issues with the condition of facilities.

Poorly maintained washrooms can quickly become a hot topic and a talking point within an office environment, which can pull employees away from their work and into negative conversations, lowering morale and increasing levels of staff dissatisfaction.

Increase Motivation

Conversely, well maintained washrooms can have a wide-reaching positive impact throughout the workplace, boosting staff motivation. A happy workforce is a motivated workforce, and research has shown that employee happiness is directly linked to levels of employee health and wellbeing.

Using the latest washroom technology and hygiene products, the spread of harmful bacteria can be minimised, and staff sickness can be kept to a minimum. £28.8 billion is lost to sick days across UK business each year. This staggering sum is leading more and more businesses of all sizes to more seriously consider their approach to keeping washrooms and workplaces healthy and clean.

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