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COVID-19 Workplace Essentials: Safety Mats

Having recently launched a range of essential workplace products and services to help businesses keep their customers and employees safe throughout COVID-19, we're taking a closer look at how hygiene safety mats can be best used in the workplace.

The past few weeks has seen businesses from all industries throughout the entire country taking the necessary measures to introduce new working practices in a bid to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.

Adjusting and adapting the way we work is essential to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep customers and employees as safe and healthy as possible. An essential facet of this for businesses is making sure anyone entering the workplace adheres to basic hygiene measures and government guidance, such as maintaining a safe social distance.

Hygiene safety mats are one of the most effective and multi-functional ways to achieve this and can ultimately save lives by keeping hygiene at the forefront of peoples' minds.

Safety mat signage

As a way of communicating key messages, safety mat signage is a highly effective solution. TWC safety mats can be printed with completely bespoke designs, combining imagery with text and your corporate branding to create clear and concise messages.

The human brain processes visual communication with far more ease than text communication. Easier processing means quicker processing, so when imagery and graphics are used on safety mats, they are more likely to have an impact on anyone passing over or nearby the mats.

Given the importance of the safety messages being conveyed at this current time, every effort should be made to make communication as effective and impactful as possible.

A further benefit of ensuring your safety messages are received and understood is that retention of the key parts of the message is also likely to increase. That can mean when employees and visitors see a message on your safety mat, they will continue to reference that important information throughout the rest of the day as they move around the workplace and interact with other people.

As such, entrance mats displaying safety messages to people coming into the building are a very effective communication method, not to mention their more direct application to aid hygiene and safety.

Hygiene entrance mats

Whilst offering a high return on investment as a communication method, hygiene safety mats are also a very affordable, cost-effective way to make the workplace a safer and more hygienic environment more generally.

A single commercial door mat can reduce the spread of dirt and moisture in a building to such an extent that accidents in the workplace are significantly reduced, given that 50% of workplace accidents are attributed to people tripping or slipping.

When choosing a suitable entrance mat, it's important to consider the quality of the mat itself. To reduce moisture in the workplace, it is essential that the mat is absorbent as absorbing moisture is its primary function. But it's also worth considering the quality of the base layer as mats that curl in the corners or slip around are likely to do more harm than good.

Reinforce your brand

Any custom messaging printed on your mats can be combined with corporate branding to maintain your identity whilst presenting your business in the best light.

Entrance mats can make a powerful first impression when people enter your premises. They show you care about how your business presents itself, that you prioritise safety, and maintain good hygiene practices.

Combine this with the impact important COVID-19 messaging can have on the safety and well-being of people in your workplace, and they make a compelling investment.

Speak with the team at TWC Group today to learn more about our custom printed hygiene safety mats and request a price guide. Our fully managed service will see everything taken care of for you no matter how many mats you require, the industry you are in or where you are based in the Lincolnshire, Yorkshire or North East region.