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Essential Holiday Let Hygiene Tips

As people start looking ahead and begin planning holidays and travel - much of which will be domestic - hygiene has become a top priority for holiday let owners.

Hygiene Tips for Holiday Lets

We have all been through a very hard year with the coronavirus pandemic and everyone has learnt how important hygiene is.

Now we start looking ahead as people begin planning holidays and travel - much of which will be domestic.

People are likely be very conscious about keeping themselves and their family healthy throughout their break, and will want to feel safe and know that hygiene is up to a high standard in their accommodation.

So it is now more important than ever for owners of holiday lets to keep on top of hygiene.

Preparation is key when it comes to welcoming guests. You will need to make sure they have;

  • Identified existing health risks
  • Assessed measures and solutions against the transmission of germs
  • A protocol in place for confirmed Covid cases

Here are a few helpful tips to keep your holiday home safe and hygienic so your guests can feel comfortable, relaxed, and enjoy their break stress free.

Good hand hygiene

It is so important that guests, staff, and the holiday let owners themselves wash hands on a regular basis.

This helps to remove bacteria and germs and helps to prevent them from spreading.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that a substantial amount of time to wash your hands is around the same time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

They also need to be rinsed and dried thoroughly.

In your holiday accommodation it is so important to provide guests with clean washrooms and consumables to promote good hand hygiene.

Note that it is recommended to provide a suitable drying area for hands as wet hands spread germs a lot more than dry hands.

Hand sanitisers are also a quick and easy way to prevent germs from spreading.

At TWC we offer hand hygiene signage posters to promote effective handwashing techniques, as well as consumables and hand drying product and services.

Ventilation solutions

Hygiene is very important indoors when it comes to stopping the spread of harmful viruses.

It is proven that well ventilated areas can help stop the spread and reduce risk of infection by over 70%.

Holiday let owners should provide suitable air filtration systems, check all windows open appropriately, and maintain healthy air humidity levels.

At TWC we offer infection control units that discretely deliver purified air to help sterilise surfaces 24 hours a day.

These ‘sentinels of hygiene’ work by removing viruses and spores from the air and create charged particles that kill any harmful microscopic organism which may linger on surfaces, whilst also eradicate malodours.

Surfaces and appliances

It is so important to keep all surfaces and risk areas clean.

Risk areas can include door handles, kitchen preparation areas, lounge areas and bathrooms.

Be sure to provide guests with surface sprays that can kill bacteria after they have cooked or used an area.

It is also essential to provide cleaning staff with the knowledge and products they require in order to keep guests safe.

At TWC we offer a range of sanitisers for different areas around your accommodation, whether you prefer freestanding or wall fixed stations.

Businesses benefit from our range of fit for purpose cleaning products, paper disposables, and janitorial goods to help you achieve clean and hygienic premises which can be enjoyed by all.

Items can be ordered as required, or a standing order set up so you and your guests are never caught in a tricky situation!

You constantly need a supply of toilet paper, hand soap, hand towels and other pertinent consumables for the people that use your facilities each day.

Patrons, guests, investors and whoever else visits your establishment on a daily basis deserve to find your washrooms fully stocked, clean, and sanitary for their use.

You can view our essential hygiene and safety products brochure on our website or contact our team for more information.