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How Facilities Management Can Help Your Business Grow

Outsourcing core services to facilities management companies is becoming a popular and proactive business approach being adopted by an ever-growing number of organisations in the UK.

What does a facilities management company do?

Facilities Management

Most business owners spend a large portion of their time considering ways to save time, save money and achieve greater results. In a nutshell, that is what outsourced facilities management aims to achieve for businesses large and small.

By specialising in specific core services, a facilities management company strives to outperform what a company would otherwise deliver themselves with an in-house team.

Typical facilities management services include...

…and a whole lot more.

When should a small business outsource?

The days of business owners believing outsourcing is only suitable for large companies are firmly behind us and it is now more common to find SMEs that do outsource services than it is to find those that don’t.

Small businesses often need to access a wide range of facilities and property management services to operate, but not frequently enough to justify delivering the services in-house.

In these instances, outsourcing to an FM company can be a great solution.

But does that mean outsourced facilities management is always the right choice?

We suggest considering things on a case by case, or service by service, basis. For each service, compare the costs, complexity, and time requirement to deliver it in-house and compare that with quotes from FM companies.

You will likely discover that using FM service providers can not only save you money but also bring added value, such as compliance and reduced risk.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of outsourcing your facilities management.

Business Agility

Many small businesses operate in fast paced environments that require them to constantly adapt in order to respond to changing conditions such as market trends and competitor activity.

The past year or two has proven this to be truer than ever.

Facilities management companies can offer the level of flexibility needed to keep pace with these changes and adjust to work inline with the businesses evolving requirements.


Some aspects of facilities management require specialist knowledge, training or certification which can be timely and costly to acquire in-house.

Using an external supplier can be a quicker route whilst also giving you access to more experienced and specialised teams who are better positioned to keep up to date with the latest techniques, processes and legislative requirements.


Money often becomes a leading consideration when business owners are comparing delivering services in-house with outsourcing.

An equally important factor to dwell on is ‘opportunity loss’. Even if you were able to deliver your services in-house cheaper than using an outsourced company, what would be the cost of spending your time on that project instead of focusing on your core, revenue generating business activities? Potentially, it's a high one.

The efficiency gains of outsourcing facilities management are further multiplied when you engage a single company for multiple services.

It’s common for FM providers to deliver a suite of complimentary services, such as washrooms services, infection control and waste management, all under one roof.

Small businesses choose TWC Group for these very reasons – value, specialism, professionalism, and ease of doing business. We help organisations big and small throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East operate their businesses as smoothly and profitably as possible. Speak to a member of the TWC Group team today to find out more about our services and request your free quote.