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Is Your Washroom Losing Your Business Money?

The simple fact is first impressions matter. You do not want to lose business because, of all things, the state of your loo!

I’m sure we’ve all been there, stepped into an establishment’s washroom and immediately judged the company based solely on how it looks or smells. The simple fact is first impressions matter. You do not want to lose business because, of all things, the state of your loo!

From unflushed or smelly toilets to unemptied bins and missing amenities (such as soap), a washroom experience can rapidly turn from a good to a terrible experience.

“Don’t go in that cubicle!”

“Can someone pass some toilet paper please?”

These are two things that you certainly don’t want to hear in your washroom. Just like a complaint traveling faster than a good review, people are more likely to hear about a bad toilet experience than a good. You do not want your business to be known as the company with the bad toilets.

Smelly loos

According to Harris Interactive (1) 67% people see missing toilet roll as a sign of a dirty toilet.

Harris Interactive also suggest that 90% of people would judge a business if the toilet was unflushed.

Smell, whether good or bad is one of the first things a customer will notice when entering your establishment’s washroom. Many business’ overcompensate in fear of a foul-smelling toilets and use heavy scents. This can cause a nauseous feeling for some customers. It is therefore essential to have appropriate air care in place that doesn’t overpower users. Try to use scents that are specifically designed to neutralise odour as well as being environmentally friendly and economical.  

If a washroom smells bad, you are unlikely to want to hang around, there are several things that you might do:

  • Stay in the bathroom and try not to inhale the smell, then rush from the washroom
  • Look for another bathroom in the building
  • Flee the bathroom and the building
  • Report this or publicise the bad toilet experience

Tackle the issue - choose the right washroom service

There is a lot to consider when thinking about your washroom and keeping it clean. A great solution is to use a specialist company to help you with this.

Depending on the size of your business and what you require washroom services can include, but aren’t limited to services such as:

  • Feminine hygiene & nappy bins - all bags should be regularly and discreetly exchanged to comply with Environmental Health Protection Act 1990
  • Lady bag dispensers
  • Baby changing tables & toddler seats
  • Vending - single, dual & multi vends
  • Air care - stylish units provide a fresh & fragranced atmosphere
  • Hand care - stylish soap dispensing, sanitising & drying
  • Paper dispensing - hand wiping & toilet paper systems
  • Urinal sanitising - via a programmed unit that is stylish, compact & effective or enzyme caps that degrade lime scale & bacteria over time
  • Water management systems - can cut your water bills by 96%
  • Medical waste units - safe & compliant disposal of healthcare swabs and dressings
  • Washroom deep cleaning - choose from a selection of services to meet your needs

The benefits of getting a professional company to manage your washroom is that trained service operatives will do the work for you. They also provide you with Duty of Care/Waste Transfer Documentation, so you can be sure your legal obligations have been met. This takes the hard work out of your hands and allows you to focus on what you do best.