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By paying attention to small finishing touches as well as the overall look and feel, you’ll find that your branded environments suddenly become complete.

Washroom Consumables

A respectable business will put a lot of effort into making sure that its welcome area, furnishings and décor give off the right impression, yet there are some finer points that are often neglected. By paying attention to these small finishing touches as well as the overall look and feel, you’ll find that your branded environments suddenly become complete.

The power of commercial mats

When someone arrives at your premises, the very first thing that they do is inadvertently traipse in dust, dirt and moisture from outdoors via their footwear. We’ve never come across a business that asks employees and visitors to remove their shoes, so instead you need an effective solution that captures as much debris as possible within seconds of entry into the building. This is where our high-quality commercial door mats come into play, delivering an excellent return on investment thanks to them keeping your floors clear of unwanted drips and stains.

It’s amazing how many organisations don’t consider the importance of these commonplace yet highly effective pieces of office floor care. Whilst a lack of commercial door mats will lead to the spoiling of your workplace’s otherwise clean and tidy appearance, their inclusion contributes significantly to health and safety best practices. The distribution of moisture throughout business premises often leads to mishaps occurring that could so easily have been avoided, with tripping and slipping accounting for a whopping 50% of all workplace accidents. When you take this into account, it suddenly becomes clear that the addition of a commercial door mat is crucial to the safeguarding of employee wellbeing.

Quality counts

However, as with any purchase, the level of quality dictates whether or not it will pay for itself. That’s why our range of commercial door mats are expertly crafted to premium standards, meaning that they won’t curl at the corners, slide out of place, or wear down quickly as a result of regular use. This quality is also reflected in their absorption properties, acting as large sponges that soak up and retain moisture better than the vast majority that you’ll find on the market, yet each available at an affordable price.

Seeing how you’ve now put a lot of thought into buying only the very best commercial entrance mats, it would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t get them customised with your company logo. By doing so, you provide a branded welcome to all clients and visitors before they’ve even reached the reception desk. What’s more, it doesn’t have to stop there – there are numerous areas of a workplace that will benefit from a branded commercial mat, ranging from the spaces where you keep water coolers and vending machines, to other external doors and the entrances to balconies.

Put simply, wherever there are feet that have been around dirt and moisture, a commercial floor mat will ensure that these contaminants go no further. Plus, for your peace of mind, we’re here to offer a fully managed service by delivering, laying and regularly cleaning as many mats as your business requires.

Treat your staff and visitors to a superior experience

We also specialise in the provision of exemplary fit for purpose washroom consumables. From hand sanitiser and washing up liquid, to toilet paper, cleaning utensils, paper towels and janitorial supplies, all of our products come from our trusted supplier that has been in business since 1998. They offer unparalleled support and unbiased advice on which products will best suit your unique environment, helping to keep surroundings and staff as clean as a whistle and fresh as a daisy.

Choosing the right hygiene and cleaning products is of paramount importance to the running of a safe, healthy and productive workplace. Whilst your staff need a range of products to stay hygienic throughout the day, you also want your visitors to enjoy the experience of visiting the facilities. Something as simple as a high-quality hand soap and a revitalising room fragrance will leave them with nothing but pleasant memories of their time spent at your premises.

As well as keeping the workplace healthy through the banishing of bacteria and dust, putting a little extra focus into your washroom consumables and janitorial goods can also play a significant role in improving employee wellbeing, boosting morale and enhancing your public image. After all, a company that pays attention to the small details alongside the big picture is one that everyone will want to work for and do business with.

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We supply commercial door mats, washroom consumables and a variety of services to companies, organisations and schools across Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and the North East. If you’d like to find out more about our wide selection of floor care solutions, first-rate cleaning products and paper disposables, whether as a one-off order or regular scheduled deliveries, get in touch today for a friendly chat about how we can be of service.