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Make Your Office a Safe Place to Work this Autumn

Now Autumn is here and more and more people are returning to the workplace after many months away due to COVID-19, we think it's an important time to consider our back to work safety and hygiene protocols.

Office Hygiene Services

Now Autumn is here and more and more people are returning to the workplace after many months away due to COVID-19, we think it's an important time to consider our back to work safety and hygiene protocols.

With the colder weather on its way there is potential for other issues aside from COVID to crop up in office spaces if appropriate measures aren't taken.

Consider implementing some of these top tips from the TWC team to ensure that your office is performing at its highest potential and your workforce stay safe and healthy this season.

Avoid slippery floors

With colder and wetter weather, it is important to have good quality floor mats down in the entrances of your offices.

Dirt and debris can be brought into the workplace by footwear, trolleys and wheeled equipment. It is vital to keep this area hygienic and prevent slips and falls.

Heavy duty mats are ideal for absorbing moisture and dirt. Having a clean entrance also creates a great first impression and keeps the work area up to the sort of standard people have come to expect.

Avoid the airborne spread of office germs

Over the past year we have learnt a lot about hygiene and the paramount importance of it. We are now very aware that the colder months are upon us in which more germs and Winter bugs are likely to spread through the work place.

There is increasing evidence to show that not only COVID-19 but other viruses can be spread through the air in tiny droplets. At TWC we have the perfect products to combat this such as the Airsteril air purification system which has been scientifically proven to eliminate many of these germs.

For more information visit this link to learn about Airsteril and our other infection control services.

Make sure your team are hand washing correctly

The most crucial aspect of effective hand hygiene is in the washing of our hands.

Washing your hands sounds incredibly simple and has been something most of us do automatically with little thought as to how we are washing them, until maybe more recently when we have grown increasingly conscious of this hygiene measure.

Science has borne out that there is in fact an optimal way to wash our hands to most effectively prevent the spread of viruses and the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • Start by wetting your hands and applying soap
  • Rub hands together palm to palm
  • Rub hands with fingers interlaced (palm to palm and palm to back)
  • Cusp fingers and rub side to side
  • Rub thumbs in rotational manner
  • Rub fingers into palms in rotational manner

Following these steps gives you the best chance of removing the dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses that may be present on your hands.

We offer a wide range of soap dispensers including wall mounted dispensers, stand mounted dispensers, auto dispensers and our latest branded dispenser stations to ensure you can make soap available and clearly visible at all your hand washing stations.

Hand drying

Once hands have been washed they should be completely dried. No matter how effective your hand washing has been, there will be residual moisture left on your hands that will need removing in order to prevent any pathogens from reemerging.

Leaving a washroom with hands that are still wet is essentially creating an optimal breeding ground for pathogens to reappear.

There are a number of different ways to dry your hands, from traditional paper towels through to conventional hand drying units, all the way to the very latest, state-of-the-art hand dryers with additional energy efficiency and hygiene features built in.

Modern washrooms are also increasingly equipped with some of the latest hygiene technology, such as the air purification devices available from TWC, which can make the air quality of washrooms of an even higher quality than that of the typical workspace.

Hand sanitising

As the outbreak of coronavirus started, the demand for hand sanitiser skyrocketed with many people using it as a form of protection against the virus. This was swiftly followed by a requirement for businesses and workplaces who are reopening to also include the adequate provision of hand sanitiser.

This is such a simple measure and it can have outsized benefits for organisations of all sizes.

Hand sanitising is also a useful and effective final step in your hand hygiene practices as a way of providing extra protection against pathogens after washing and thoroughly drying your hands.

In response to the surge in demand for hand sanitiser and hand sanitiser units, TWC has launched an extended range of hand sanitiser products and services to ensure businesses can return to work in a safe and hygienic manner with minimal disruption to their working practices.

Our latest hand sanitising products include stand mounted sanitisier units, wall mounted units, branded units and the popular free standing sanitiser stations that are highly visible and can be placed at entrances, exits and other highly trafficked areas of the workplace.

How we can help

Specialist hygiene services companies such as TWC Group can provide offices with a range of products and services that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access in an affordable and convenient way.

Specialist services: Alongside our scheduled washroom and waste disposal services, TWC offers a range of additional hygiene solutions including infection control, bio-fogging, carpet cleaning, and drain care.

Tailored solutions: We offer flexible contracts that are designed to accommodate the individual requirements of each organisation we work with.

Compliance: Our experts will support you in understanding and complying with duty of care and health and safety requirements.

Product range: Customers have access to our entire hygiene and health and safety product ranges that are being constantly improved and extended to make the highest levels of hygiene available at the lowest prices possible.