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Professional Carpet Cleaning for Businesses, Schools and Colleges

Now that the summer holidays are here, it’s time to focus on getting your teaching environments back to their former glory.

TWC Group presents an innovative antimicrobial cleaning system for carpets and non-slip floors, which ensures optimum levels of sanitation thanks to a non-toxic cleaner combined with a broad spectrum disinfectant. Here are some benefits of booking our commercial carpet and floor cleaning service before staff and students return for the new term.

Totally removes dirt and bacteria

No matter how careful everyone is when it comes to keeping rooms and corridors clean, you simply can’t prevent dirt and bacteria from working their way into carpets and flooring. Regular vacuuming and mopping will deal with the surface dust and fluff but tiny particles of debris and countless germs will have entered the fibres, remaining there until confronted with a far more comprehensive cleaning system.

Whilst dulling the colours of the flooring and making them appear old and tired, this ingrained filth will also lead to the carpet’s structure weakening over time and can result in lingering odours. In turn, this can have an effect on people with allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma, so only an intensive deep clean will remove all particles and bring the flooring back to life.

Eradicates stains

You then have the accidental stains that are bound to happen, ranging from tea and coffee, to paint, ink, mud, grass and many other substances that naturally get spilt on the floor over the course of an academic year. These tough blemishes can prove impossible to remove using conventional methods. Even when the appearance is improved using an off-the-shelf cleaner, there are still the microbial elements that have soaked into the fibres, again causing gradual deterioration.

No matter what kind of stains have been left by people over the last few months, we’ll remove them entirely and leave your carpets and floors looking as good as new.

Creates a healthier environment

Due to our antimicrobial cleaning service getting right into the composition of the carpet and floor, all traces of dirt, dust, bacteria, fungi and spores are eliminated. This stops them from inevitably being released back into the air as a result of pressure and changes in room temperature, leaving the floor fully sanitised and contributing to a much healthier learning environment.

Residue-free process

When you try to remove particularly stubborn stains yourself, even the most expensive products will usually leave residue that's often invisible to the naked eye. The same goes for old or cheap carpet cleaning equipment, which can leave some cleaning solution behind due to inefficiency or lack of power.

Our carpet cleaning system is state-of-the-art and designed to remove not only everything that’s in the carpet, but also every hint of the products it uses to achieve this. The end result is flooring that's so decontaminated you’d think it had just been installed.

Minimises the effects of wear and tear

Busy places such as schools, colleges and nurseries receive a lot of movement within relatively contained areas. For instance, most of the footsteps down a corridor will be in the middle of it rather than along the edges, and students sitting down for story time will usually assemble in front of the teacher’s desk. This causes significant wear and tear in specific regions of the floor, making it appear a different shade or texture to the rest of the surroundings.

TWC Group’s commercial carpet cleaning service is so effective that it restores the fibres whilst removing all of the dirt, which can help to revive any spots that have received a lot of footfall.

Brightens up the entire premises

When you choose TWC Group to professionally clean your floors and carpets, you’re investing in the highest levels of sanitation, which also plays a large role in making classrooms and communal areas look their very best. When you think about it, flooring is the largest furnishing in the room and the most prone to the effects of gravity, as everything from constant footsteps to settling dust reduce its brilliance without mercy.

Our carpet maintenance service will remove as much of this damage as possible and leave your premises looking bright, fresh and ready for whatever the year ahead has in store.

Extends the life of your flooring

Booking us to clean your carpets and floors on a regular basis keeps your premises looking their best whilst obliterating dust, dirt, stains, microbes and allergens. In the process, it will help to extend the life of your carpets by removing debris that has accumulated deep within the fibres, allowing the carpet to breathe.

Carpets that are kept clean always last longer than those that have filth deep inside them, so our service contributes to their longevity as well as their daily appearance.

If you work at a school, college or nursery within Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire or the North East, get in touch with us today to book our professional carpet cleaning service.