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Start the Year Healthy with Bio Fogging

Workplaces are in a war against prevalent Winter germs and sickness with the potential to make a big impact on staff well being and business productivity over the coming months. Find out how bio fogging can ensure your workplace is healthy and hygienic for the year ahead.

Why is bio fogging popular?

The term ‘bio fogging’ has been around for several years and is already well known to a lot of businesses. Over that time the technology and application of bio fogging as a sanitisation technique has changed substantially.

Whilst bio fogging was previously very expensive, a lengthy process and in some cases used potentially harmful chemicals, it has evolved into something altogether different.

It has become one of the most efficient and effective sanitisation options available to workplaces. The cleaning biocide particles are extremely safe, the application is fast, and the cost is accessible for all sizes of business.

These factors combined with the growing awareness and prevalence of Norovirus, MRSA and different types of flu are making bio fogging an increasingly popular form of infection control for organisations in the UK.

How does bio fogging work?

The bio fogging application disperses biocide particles into a building interior which hang around in the air long enough to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria.

The cleaning elements used during the sanitisation process are non-harmful and cause no damage to items within the building such as office furniture or décor, although the application should still only be made to workplaces clear of staff.

It offers a rapid and efficient method of infection control which also accesses areas within a building that typically wouldn’t be easy to sanitise without having to move furniture or equipment out of the areas being cleaned.

Achieving the best results

Whilst there have been huge advancements in the efficacy and accessibility of bio fogging it isn’t a magic cure-all and should be used in conjunction with other cleaning and sanitisation techniques for the best possible outcome.

Before bio fogging your workplace, it is recommended to first have the area thoroughly cleaned. A deep clean will ensure that any dirt on surfaces that can be removed will not prevent the biocide from eliminating the bacteria or virus particles that could be sitting beneath.

The benefits of bio fogging are immediate and long lasting. When used in conjunction with washroom sanitisation products and air sanitisers, such as AirSteril, your workplace will be in great shape for combating Winter germs.

Bio fogging is suitable for all types of business and workplace but is especially recommended for high risk locations such as schools, nurseries, universities and care homes. Speak with a member of the TWC Group team today to find out more about bio fogging for your business.