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The Winter Workplace Checklist

Use our Winter Workplace Checklist to make sure you've not overlooked anything whilst getting your business premises prepared for the cold Winter weather over the coming months.

Like most businesses, you're likely to have already been busy getting your workplace ready for the cold Winter weather that has crept in over the past few weeks and is set to continue over the coming months. Taking measures to prepare your business premises for the Winter can go a long way to making your workplace a safe and healthy environment for your employees and visitors.

Use this checklist to make sure you've not overlooked any of the essential Winter preparations.. before it's too late!

Car Parks & Walk Ways

Infection Control

Cold temperatures mean wet paths and roads turning into much more hazardous frozen paths and roads, creating a high risk of slipping as people travel to and from your premises.

Stocking up on grit and rock salt is advisable, ideally before there is a mad rush for it which can stretch the supply and increases the price. Use it as necessary to minimise accidents and prevent entrances becoming inaccessible to some employees and visitors.

Spare a thought for other people who might need to carry out jobs at your premises too, such as deliveries, waste disposal etc. and make sure the areas they need to travel through are also safe and accessible.

Entrance Areas

It's not just the outside of your building that can become a hazardous place with a risk of slipping. Interiors of buildings can also become slippy due to water and snow being walked into entrance areas as people come in from the outside.

Commercial entrance mats are a fantastic solution to this problem and are specially designed to absorb high amounts of moisture as well as dirt. They serve a dual purpose of keeping entrance areas both safe and clean, making the perfect first impression when someone enters your workplace.

Drains & Pipes

Whilst it's important to make sure your pipes, drainage, water tanks and heating systems are working efficiently all year round, the arrival of colder weather warrants an additional check.

A sharp drop in temperature can mean water turns into ice, and ice can be bad news for drains and pipes which become susceptible to freezing over or bursting. The effects of this can sometimes go unnoticed whilst serious damage is being caused to your premises.

Start off by checking for any leaks or drips from pipes and taps and get them fixed right away. Them take preventative action by keeping the interior building temperature above 0 and using lagging or other insulation for pipes that are in colder areas such as being close to the building exterior.

Office Hygiene

Winter sickness can have a significant impact on the bottom line of a business when productivity takes a hit as more of the workforce take sick leave over this period.

Make sure you've got the right measures in place to tackle the spread of colds and flu throughout your premises to minimise the impact of sickness, whilst keeping your workplace healthy and hygienic.

This could include infection control products like AirSteril which is a chemical free and filter free device to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi that travel through the air. When put to the test AirSteril showed a reduction of airborne microorganisms of up to 98.11% within five minutes of exposure and a reduction of surface contamination up to 59.47% in one hour.

For more help and advice on preparing your workplace for the Winter, contact TWC Group and request a free audit.