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Waste Management or Waste Time?

Maintaining the health and hygiene standards of your business premises and equipment isn’t always a straight forward job. Find out how your business can save time and save money by outsourcing your waste disposal operations.

Maintaining the health and hygiene standards of your business premises and equipment isn’t always a straight forward job. Requirements change frequently, organisation is paramount, and the operational aspect also needs coordinating effectively. All of this just to keep one small facility operating smoothly – imagine how much more complex things get far larger facilities and multiple-sites. Throw into the mix limited resources and over-stretched maintenance departments and it’s no surprise that a growing number of businesses are making the move to outsource their waste management.

Waste Management Requirements

Outsourcing waste management makes business sense in more ways than one. For a start, most organisations simply don’t have the specialist, expert knowledge required to meet guidelines and regulations for the correct disposal of specific types of waste such as sanitary waste and clinical waste. The cost of making a mistake in the disposal of hazardous and offensive waste is enough reason in and of itself to engage the services of a professional waste management company.

A raft of regulations and legislations surround the removal of sanitary, clinical, hazardous and offensive waste and there are legal responsibilities that organisations must be aware of and comply with. Working with a professional waste removal service such as TWC Group ensures your workplace will stay safe and legal regarding the removal of your waste and gives you access to essential guidance regarding your requirements and changes in legislation that you need to be aware of.

Save Money with Waste Removal

Your own waste disposal requirements are likely to be mostly unique to you and your business. They will comprise of the type of waste that needs handling, the number of sites and size of business premises you operate from, the frequency of collection, and of course your budget.

A professional waste removal service like that offered by TWC will provide a tailored waste management service designed to meet the needs of your business. An end-to-end service ensures you understand your legal requirements and allows you to benefit from a fully managed service that is coordinated scheduled on your behalf.

Every day more and more businesses are saving time and saving money by taking this hassle-free outsourced approach. Contact TWC Group today to book a free evaluation of your waste disposal requirements and find out how much you can save today.