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Workplace Hygiene – Getting Back to Business

As an array of new hygiene methods are being recommended to businesses, TWC are on hand to support you with getting back to work.

As businesses re-open and workplaces start looking towards returning to some degree of normal operation, there looks to be an array of new and enhanced hygiene measures being recommended to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers and the general public alike.

For some places of work the changes could be substantial with the introduction of a range of physical barriers, in addition to the less visible procedural and chemical barriers being used. All these measures are in addition to the required 2-metre distancing that has now been in place for some weeks.

The most common physical barriers already in use include PPE and shields, such as the screens we are now getting accustomed to seeing in grocery stores and supermarkets. Other less obvious measures being suggested includes the use of time, both in the sense of keeping any time spent within the 2 metre distancing zone to a minimum if it is essential, and also adjusting work schedules and rotas to reduce the number of employees in a workplace at any given time.

Hand Sanitiser

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, hand sanitiser has been in extremely high demand. This trend looks set to continue as all public spaces and workplaces reopening to the public look to have hand sanitising facilities readily available to keep cross contamination to a minimum. The Transport Secretary said earlier this month that hand washing with the use of sanitiser is still a more effective method of combating cross contamination than wearing face masks.

Although the specifics around the measures businesses will be expected to take and the clarity of the communication coming from the government are being much debated, what is clear is that all businesses will be required to take steps to support the safety and well-being of their stakeholders.

Businesses that have been required to continue operating to the best of their ability throughout the outbreak, which includes TWC Group, may have a head start on adjusting to a new way of working from both an equipment and a procedural perspective.

Hygiene Services

TWC Group has continued to deliver essential washroom and hygiene services to new and existing clients throughout the entire period of the outbreak. For those businesses now looking to get back to work, we have a raft of services perfectly suited to control infection, eliminating harmful bacteria, and minimising cases of cross contamination whether it be in a factory, office, nursery or residential home.


Our market leading infection control product Airsteril has proven incredibly popular over the recent weeks and months. Proven to reduce airborne microorganisms by 98.11% within just 5 minutes of exposure, Airsteril is a highly effective, affordable infection control solution suitable for any workplace. In addition to combating harmful airborne substances, within just 1 hour, Airsteril can eradicate surface contamination by 59.47%. Find out more about Airsteril.


Whilst Airsteril offers a fixed, ongoing solution to support effective hygiene, our bio-fogging service has also been rising in popularity for its deep, effective sterilisation of large or hard to reach areas. A bio-fogging treatment sees a high velocity jet of vapor reach every corner and surface of your premises, sanitizing soft and hard surfaces equally effectively. Find out more about bio-fogging.

For a free site survey or further guidance on how your business can best prepare for returning to work please contact the knowledgeable and experienced team at TWC Group, providing hygiene services throughout the North East, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.