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World Toilet Day 2020: Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change

This November, with Christmas just round the corner, let’s take a moment and reflect on something we all take for granted, or consider supporting a very worthwhile cause.

World Toilet Day 2020
World Toilet Day 2020

Climate change is getting worse.

Flood, drought and rising sea levels are threatening sanitation systems – from toilets to septic tanks to treatment plants.

Everyone must have sustainable sanitation that can withstand climate change and keep communities healthy and functioning.

Sustainable sanitation systems also reuse waste to safely boost agriculture and reduce and capture emissions for greener energy.

That's why TWC Facilities Ltd are members of the Independent Washroom Services Association (IWSA), an organisation of like-minded washroom service providers from across the UK and Ireland, who work together to deliver high quality servicing nationwide.

Toilet Twinning

Since the beginning of 2018, the IWSA has been supporting the charity ‘Toilet Twinning’, whose aim it is to “flush away poverty, one toilet at a time”.

The charity has come up with a novel way to raise funds and also highlight its work by encouraging people to twin their loo with one in the communities they work with.

Their projects focus on working with poor communities in developing countries, giving families access to clean water and educating them on the importance of good hygiene.

It costs just £60 to twin your toilet! This November, let’s take a moment and reflect on something we all take for granted and with Christmas just around the corner, maybe you could consider twinning a toilet or two?

For more information visit www.toilettwinning.org.