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Air Fresheners

Washrooms are an important part of the facilities you offer to your customers, business guests and staff.  Within these spaces, commercial air fresheners play a crucial part.  They create a good first impression and reduce the impact of the inevitable smells associated with these areas.

+ Eco friendly options
+ Stylish designs
+ Choice of colours
+ Convenient schedules
+ Fresh fragrances
+ Effective odour control

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Air Fresheners

Odour Control

In many cases, unpleasant odours are an irritation or an embarrassment but we often don’t consider the problems from the cause of the odour.  With Odour Control services from TWC Group, you can have solutions in place to deal with both the odour and the cause to ensure that your business premises smells great but is also protected from germs and bacteria.

+ Clear offensive odours
+ Comply with regulations
+ Control infections
+ Improve healthcare
+ Improve workplace environment
+ Reduce contamination

more about odour control
Air Steril Odour Control

Baby Changing Facilities

Offering baby changing facilities in your business is something that all companies should consider.  Parents and carers will list such facilities as one of the top things they need when visiting a business but merely having them isn’t enough – they also need to be regularly maintained to ensure clean and safe spaces.

+ Complete packages incl. nappy bins
+ Practical designs
+ Equipment installed and maintained
+ Nappy waste removal
+ Convenient schedules
+ Environmentally friendly
+ Tailored contracts

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Baby Changing Facilities

Hand Drying

We have a variety of solutions from paper hand towels to the latest automatic hand driers. Our extensive range includes low power, fast drying, “hands in” and whisper quiet to name a few. And of course, all are available in several colours and finishes to suit.

+ Supplied and installed
+ Choice of designs
+ Latest hand drying technology
+ Eco friendly
+ Reduce contamination risk
+ Save on costs

more about hand dryers
Hand Drying

Vending Services

Dual and multi vending machines provide the convenience of emergency provisions when employees, customers or guests need personal products urgently. The machines are regularly restocked and maintained by our staff.

+ Modern and stylish designs
+ Installation included
+ Popular branded refills
+ Male and female vending
+ Anti-vandal units
+ Convenient schedules

more about vending services
Vending Services

Urinal Water Saving

A urinal flush management system is designed to reduce your water consumption up to 90%. Eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage, it ensures that as much water is saved as possible without compromising hygiene.

+ Toilet flush control
+ Urinal sleeves
+ Environmentally friendly
+ Supply and installation
+ Low-maintenance
+ Improve hygiene

more about water saving
Urinal Water Saving

Urinal Auto Sanitisers

Automated cleaning and hygiene systems which deodorise and destroy bacteria in urinals and toilets. Fully maintained by our staff, they help keep your washroom smelling fresh.

+ Discreet and professional service
+ Free installation
+ Pleasantly perfumed fragrances
+ Ultra-quick drying chemical
+ Effective sanitising solution
+ Expert servicing
+ Stylish modern designs

more about auto sanitisers
Auto Sanitisers

Janitorial Supplies

TWC Group provide a full range of consumable products for all your businesses washroom needs. Available for one-off purchase or regular, repeat order at competitive rates.

+ Mops and mop systems
+ Brushware
+ Plasticware
+ Plastic bags
+ Trolleys and carts
+ Floorcare
+ Sundries

more about janitorial supplies
Janitorial Supplies

Feminine Hygiene

Our well designed feminine hygiene units come in a range of colours, finishes and sizes. We have experienced staff that provide a reliable and discreet service, tailored to your individual requirements.

+ Sanitary waste disposal
+ Regular bin exchange
+ Discreet service
+ Latest range of bins
+ Compact space saving
+ Flexible collections
+ Multiple bin discounts

more about feminine hygiene
Feminine Hygiene

Soap Dispensers

We offer our customers the very latest in reliable, hygienic soap dispensers and hand sanitisers. Our complete service includes supply and installation of the dispenser/sanitiser units and ongoing maintenance and servicing.

+ Supplied and installed
+ Choice of designs
+ Latest hygienic technology
+ Expert servicing
+ Automatic soap dispensers
+ Anti-bacterial technology

more about hand care
Soap Dispensers

Bowl Clips

Our bowl clips are 30-day fragranced toilet bowl air fresheners, perfect for workplace washrooms. They last around a month and give out 40 times the fragrance of a standard rim stick.

+ Highly fragranced
+ Releases fragrance gradually
+ Low VOC (compliant in Europe)
+ 100% recyclable
+ Will not dissolve in or pollute water
+ Easy to install

Bowl Clips

Urinal Screens

Biodegradable and highly fragranced with less plastic

The all new Slant6 screen from P-Wave® is another huge step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology.

With the same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave® urinal screens, the Slant6 consistently outperforms many other 30 day urinal mats and best of all will keep walls, floors and trousers dry, thanks to the unique virtually ‘zero splash’ angled bristle design.

P-Wave® urinal screens are the only brand in the UK that feature the anti-splash technology on both sides of the screen, so the products cannot be installed incorrectly.

+ Highly fragranced
+ Fast biodegradation at landfill
+ Low VOC (compliant in Europe)
+ 100% recyclable
+ Compatible with waterless urinals
+ Easy to install
+ Uses less plastic than other urinal screens
+ Deodorises drains below the surface
+ Easy to install


Urinal ScreenP WaveP Wave Urinal Screen

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Washroom services within a business of any size can say a lot about the company.  Whether for public use or just for staff, they need to be to certain standards to comply with regulations but should also offer the right facilities for staff comfort.  Here at TWC Group, we offer our expertise and experience to help in the upkeep of these critical areas.

Customer facing areas with washroom services are particularly important.  You make a good impression on a customer when they enter your reception area and you don’t want to spoil this if they use the washroom facilities.  Offering the cleanest, smartest and most up to date facilities continues to build the impression of your business as modern, efficient and also caring about their customers.

We offer our services to businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas and have built a solid reputation with businesses in these regions.  By specialising in certain areas, we can ensure we are with you in a timely manner and that a contract with us will mean first-class local service.

We also use the latest in equipment to maintain the standards of your facilities.  The balance of experience and top-quality equipment means we can help you maintain top quality washroom facilities.

Part of our service is to ensure a hassle-free switch from your existing washroom services provider.  Simply get in touch with the details of what you currently have in place and we can review the process to see what we would recommend.  You can even save money and make for a more efficient and cost effective option than your current provider.


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We provide a full range of washroom services throughout the whole of the North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire regions, operating out of our locally based depots situated in Hull and Thirsk.

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Our washroom services in North Lincolnshire include our full service offering for businesses in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Brigg, Barton-upon-Humber and all the surrounding towns and villages across the Humber region.

Washroom services
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All of the washroom services detailed are available to customers located in the North East Region, including cities such as Middlesbrough, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead and all of the nearby towns and villages.

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